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My name is Katie Hill and I’ve been horse crazy for half a century.  As a professional trainer, I’m always thinking about horses and riding.  This blog is a place for me to share some of those thoughts with you.  I hope you will share some of your thoughts with me.

For more about me and the services I offer, go to fielddayllc.com

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Katie, aunt Kachi…spelling?. I cannot believe I came across your blog. Totally by accident, I couldn’t believe it. Oh, I hope all is well. I’ve been thinking about you every time I see the family. Best wishes to you, love Kelly.


    • Kelly! Hello again! I think about you often, too, and thought I might have a chance to see you when your Dad went to Savannah…he keeps me up to date, though, and I’m so happy to hear that life is good and you have a family of your own now. (It’s Aunt Kaky!). Thanks for writing and I’ll ask your Dad for your contact info and we can catch up.


  2. Elaine Livesey aka Elaine Lang said:

    Katie! Where ARE you? How have you been? You were supposed to keep in touch and then nothing? This is the last I have even seen a post? Please contact me,


    • Hi Elaine — I’m so sorry. I really am. Life has been difficult for me, as it has been for so many of us. Can we catch up offsite? I’ll write to you at the last email address I have for you. ~ Katie


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