Best of the blog

Here are some of the most popular posts based on reader response, along with some of my personal favorites.  Enjoy.

How to space your cavaletti

How to Ride a Circle

A Clicker Training Tale

How to improve your canter departs

From the horse’s mouth

Instructors vs. trainers

Another look at the two-finger rule

How to fall off a horse

Make him round

How to introduce the half halt

My take on the fake (tails in the hunters)


Beauties on the backstretch

Setup for success

An exercise for better corners

Song for summer’s end

Forward – say what?

Check the number

2 thoughts on “Best of the blog”

  1. Carmelo Escudero Delgado said:

    hello. my name is carmelo squire. I would like to be part of your equestrian center. Horses are my life, and I would like to learn and evolve. I would love to get to your center and learn. if you can see a video of me with my horse. (Youtube. … write alkibir psl). I would like a reply. greetings from Carmelo


    • Greetings Carmelo! If you’re not nearby, there’s an easy way I can help you without you having to travel all the way to Connecticut.

      I offer lessons over the internet. There are advantages and disadvantages to this instruction, but I have clients who are delighted with the process. With internet lessons, you have a “road map” to follow as you train your horse and develop as a rider. A written lesson also allows you to refer to your lesson at a later date, and track your progress.

      With an internet lesson, I can’t give you immediate, in-person feedback and signal the moment that it comes together with a “did you feel that?” comment that can help you remember what you did and why it worked. But with an internet lesson, you receive feedback tied to a specific time in your video, and you can see yourself while absorbing your instruction at the same time. This benefits serious riders.

      Here’s how it works: You send me a CD, or post a video online, 30 minutes or under, since I don’t need to see warmup or cool down. I watch the video and create a written lesson that tells you what I see and gives you concrete suggestions and methods of achieving your goals. I address your position from a biomechanics perspective, discuss your aids and their application, and recommend training exercises. My instruction is tailored to you and your horse. I don’t have a “program,” because every rider and every horse is different, and your goals are yours. My only job as an instructor is to help you achieve them.

      I charge $70 per lesson, payable in advance through Paypal. I will usually send your lesson by email within a week of receiving your video. I’m available for follow-up by email as well, to answer any questions you might have.

      I’ll send you an email, so we can connect and follow up off-blog.

      If other readers are interested in this service, please add to this thread, and I will contact you at your email address.


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