Belatedly, which in this case means only a few hours, I realize I owe a debt of gratitude to Bill Steinkraus.  The title of my newly minted blog sounded just right to me and I went ahead and published it without a second thought.

When I realized that the title of my blog is similar to a book I have in my library — Reflections on Riding and Jumping by William Steinkraus, I immediately went to my blog dashboard to change the title to something else.  Not possible.  I can delete my blog and develop a new one.  Or I can keep it and express my thanks to Bill Steinkraus personally, for the first time.  That feels better to me.

Thank you, Mr. Steinkraus, for finding the perfect words to describe writing about riding.  And for doing it — both the riding and the writing. For displaying perfect form over fences (uh oh, there I go again…I have Jane Dillon’s book Form over Fences on my bookshelf as well).  For editing the Doubleday Library of equestrian books and for writing so many brilliant forewards to so many insightful texts.  For celebrating the American Thoroughbred.  For the perfect definition of a rogue…and the perfect advice for dealing with one.  For being the consummate gentleman in the show ring and outside it. And for inspiring generations of horsemen and horsewomen.

A note to my readers:  If you haven’t read Reflections on Riding and Jumping or re-read it recently, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy or take it down from your bookshelf again.  While you’re at it, put his other books on your reading list, if you haven’t read them all already.  Here’s a link to help you.