There’s a party coming up on Saturday, October 1st in East Haddam, Connecticut that will be fun for everyone and great for the rescued horses and donkeys and the animal-assisted therapy program at the amazing facility called Ray of Light Farm.

For the silent auction, I’ve donated a c. 1940s red enameled horse head pin from my collection of Vintage Equestrian Jewelry.

Hope to see you at the party, at the only barn I know where a zedonk’s in residence.  This one’s named Fancy Pants.  I’m not sure she’ll attend the party (she does have a mind of her own), but she’s ready to receive visitors most of the time, always in her striped outfit.

If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s one of the most beautiful in our state — full of charming antique homes and barns, rolling countryside, a few snack shacks and the Goodspeed Opera House.  Definitely worth a trip even if you can’t make it to the party.  Just be sure to drop in at Ray of Light, see what it’s all about and say hello to the animals there and the devoted people who care for them.