Client Amy Goodusky has made it to the finals of’s blogging contest. Congratulations Amy!

The topic for the final entries was “Money and Eventing,” with instructions specifying that the finalists include quotes in their entries.  Amy asked me to contribute my thoughts and I suggested that eventing could adopt NASCAR’s business model.  That way, the Europeans could try to figure out how to afford to compete over here, instead of vice versa.

You can read Amy’s final entry here.  If you enjoy reading it, give her an anonymous thumbs up and join dozens of other readers who have already done so.  Think of it as a course of jumps.  The last jump (or vote) is as important as the first.

But don’t just listen to me.  Go read what she has to say.  And while you’re at it, enjoy her other entries (there’s a link to them on the post I linked above).  I vouch for the fact that the plaid cooler story is true.