There’s a place in my heart reserved for thoroughbreds.  And a little piece of my heart breaks every time I think of the thoroughbreds that won’t have a life after the track.  I wish I had a home for them all.

On Sunday, October 23rd, from 9am till noon, the Sixth Annual Suffolk Showcase is taking place at Boston’s Suffolk Downs, which is closing for the season on November 5th.  The good people from CANTER (The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses) will be there to introduce you to the current crop of beauties on the backstretch.

To my way of thinking, there’s nothing as beautiful as a grey thoroughbred, and Chief Picolo is a perfect example of why.  Seven years old, 17 hands, sound and gorgeous (if you’ve ever wondered what they’re talking about when they compliment a horse’s “dry hocks,” take a look at Chief’s):

Chief Picolo, $3000.

And if you’re looking for a now-and-forever husband horse, how about “Little Blow Heart?”  He’s laid back, 16.3h, 3 years old and a real “package” (how can you not love a horse that’s put together like this?):

Little Blow Heart, $1000 negotiable

Oh you trail riders (or hunter/jumpers) who want a horse who is a “1” (very quiet) on a temperament on a scale of 1-10?  Here she is:  Fiona!  She loves to trail ride and she’s had 6 months of jumping training.  All that’s left is for someone to enjoy her.

Formal Incentive, "Fiona," $3000

Here’s Sky Cup — the perfect match for a petite rider, 15.2h, 7 years old, with a lovely expression, the cutest ears (the kind Linda Tellington Jones considers a mark of intelligence), a long, sloping shoulder and a big stride (bonus prize!):

Sky Cup, $1000

There are more wonderful prospects on the CANTER site, and they’re all over the country.  If you don’t think you could take on an OTTB without help, remember that there are professionals out there to help you transition your thoroughbred to a life beyond the backstretch.  Thoroughbreds are such quick learners, that you can have a safe and enjoyable partner pronto.  Plus, you’ll have a horse that isn’t fazed by bright lights, heavy equipment or cheers — and you’ll get plenty of those.