Sometimes a horse and rider just fit together.  Heather Blitz and Paragon are a perfect example.  They’re a fairy tale duo and an inspiration.  Heather’s 17.3 hand chestnut shows it all off — the elegance, the extravagant movement and the blue fly bonnet.  And not just any blue, electric blue — at the Pan Am Games, no less!

We’re seeing more and more dressage horses in fly bonnets, following on the heels of their showjumping compatriots.  While a fly bonnet is a practical accessory when the insects become annoying, it’s also a great fashion accessory for your horse.

Despite how old-fashioned they sound (bonnets?  veils?), there are some strikingly beautiful modern examples.  I just heard about the De La Coeur line and all I can say is ooh la la.  Well, I can also say abonimablement cher, but très ooh la la.

Adorned with three rows of hand-stitched crystals. Wow.

If this is a little over-the-top for you, the company also has more traditional, less “coming down the red carpet” bonnets, pony bonnets, and even a special edition bonnet that benefits thoroughbred rescue.

Pastel-trimmed pony bonnet (S,M,L)

Custom orders are welcomed and you can opt for soundproof ears.  So much better than cotton balls — or, to stay with the old-fashioned bonnet/veil theme, cotton wool.