This photograph was taken many years ago, from a window in a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, long before it was home to the hip and rich.  My friend Ken McKay took the picture when he lived there with my Yankee-Irish horse whispering boyfriend.   The loft was on the sixth floor, and the glass of the window was punctuated by bullet holes but that didn’t stop Ken from seeing the beauty outside it.

Now, Ken’s photographs are part of a group show entitled “Old Williamsburg,” featuring photographs from the early 80s (that’s 1980s) through the 90s.  This just goes to show that old is a relative term, which makes some of us feel rather cozy and warm, as we should around the holidays.

The show is at The Brooklyn Ale House, at the corner of N. 8th and Berry streets.  You can catch it there any day until whenever, from 3pm to 4am (it’s Williamsburg, after all, where you can get carrot-ginger soup and lots of other things that might catch your fancy, at all hours of the day and night).

If you make the trek, or you find yourself there, visit my favorite restaurant anywhere in New York City:  Diner.  It’s within walking distance.