You’re lucky if your horse will eat his supplements or meds like candy.  Or if you have a horse that doesn’t require supplements or meds.

If you’re not, you need to know about Aperti (it’s trademarked but wordpress isn’t making that easy for me; I can do it but it looks odd).  With a sophisticated, La Dolce Vita kind of name, Aperti is an old-fashioned, simple product from an old-fashioned kind of company, Horsetech.

Horsetech is known for using human grade materials in their products and Aperti is no exception.  It’s made from the same kind of vegetable oil we use in our own food, with natural and artificial flavors.  That’s it.

I recently had a horse on probiotics who turned up his very large nose at his food until I added a dose of carrot Aperti.  It also comes in apple or peppermint flavor, which your horse might prefer.

It’s also safe for insulin resistant horses.  So now, you and your horse don’t have to suffer because you can’t add applesauce or molasses to whatever your horse needs but tries to reject.

Plus, it comes in a measure-and-pour container that’s easy to use and that provides a consistent dose.

You can find out more about Aperti and the full Horsetech line of supplements here.  It’s comprehensive, so if you visit, you might end up staying on their site for some time.  Take a look at the NutraFlax that can put a quick gleam on your horse’s coat…and Quench, their electrolyte with no fillers or sugars…and their new High Point daily vitamin/mineral for those feeding a grass hay or alfalfa based diet.  There’s even a list of “golden oldies” — customer favorites that have been replaced by newer products but which are still available.  How’s that for old-fashioned?

I’ve never been disappointed in one of Horsetech’s products.  Or their customer service.  If I have a question, I’m quick to pick up the phone and everyone is ready to help me.  Rod has even offered to formulate something special for me on occasion and send it already flavored.  Speaking of which, if you do try their Aperti flavoring — or any of their products — and you don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund of the cost of your original purchase.