I’ve been working on the accounting for my horse businesses this week, while my search for a new saddle continues, which makes me think of the Lyle Lovett song, “Which Way Does That Old Pony Run?”

It’s hard to understand what he and John Hiatt are talking about before they start strumming, but that’s okay by me (and I hope, by you too).

It’s also hard to be sure what story Lyle Lovett is singing, and about whom.  I think it’s not our narrator, it’s someone else, who’s still learning, who’s asking about the pony and the saddle and the gun.  And Lyle’s answer, who has gone beyond learning to knowing, is “What’s riches to you, just ain’t riches to me.” Let me know if you agree…or if you hear something different.  Lyle’s not talking.  He told Bob Edwards on public radio in 2001 that in this song, “the main focus was usage…was really just the language.”  Which makes me wonder who asked him which way that old pony went…or whether it’s just poetry.