In Fritz Lang’s 1953 film noir The Big Heat, gangster’s moll Gloria Grahame tells widow-of-crooked-cop Jeannette Nolan, “we’re sisters under the mink.”

I think that’s kind of what Ann Romney is telling us.  We’re sisters in the saddle.

It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t think of herself as wealthy, despite a net worth north of $250 million.  As she says, “it could be gone tomorrow.”

As Gloria Grahame also says in The Big Heat, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor.  Believe me, rich is better!”

Whether you think of Ms. Romney as out of touch or on a higher spiritual plane, one thing is clear:  she loves to ride and she understands that when it comes to healing, there’s nothing better than a horse to cure what ails you.  As a breast cancer survivor diagnosed with MS more than a decade ago, she made a wise decision to return to horses after many years out of the saddle.

Over the weekend, the Washington Post wrote an interesting profile that explores Ann Romney’s horse habit.  It illuminates part of Ann Romney’s world that gives her the strength to take on the challenges that life has presented and continues to present to her.

The profile was written by a non-horseman, so there are several points at which it strikes an odd note (“…riders must master leg squeezes…” and “…fees paid for horse tending…”).  But perhaps the oddest thing in the interview is Jan Ebeling being quoted as saying during a training session, “Against him!  Against him!  Lean!”  Those are instructions?  Against him?  Lean?  Really?

I must be missing something.  Just like Mrs. Romney, who gave this answer in a deposition regarding the sale of one of her horses, “…it’s not like there was a chance it would go lame.”  Right!  All horse people know that.  Lame?  No chance!  NO CHANCE.  Really.  Reading that helped me put the “I don’t consider myself to be wealthy” comment into context.

But hey, so what?  We’re a country of dreamers.  Camelot and all that.  Caroline Kennedy’s pony Macaroni was welcome on the White House Lawn and, as we can see from the photo below, even closer to the Oval Office.

Photo by Cecil Stoughton, from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

Maybe Ann’s warmbloods will carry on the tradition.  As she told Parade magazine last November, “You are going to see horses at the White House.”  Of course, she was laughing at the time, so perhaps she’s not serious.

Or perhaps she won’t bother because as she told the Washington Post, she has “horses in every port” (an unfortunate analogy if there ever was one).  But lucky for her, she has enough money to get to those ports any time she wants.  At least for today.