The Kaz “SoftHeat Deep Muscle Therapy” here is the same as the Kaz “Moist Heating Pad” here.  The only difference, aside from the fact that it goes by different names, is the price.  It’s a bit higher when you buy direct from the company (the first link) but you get a discount of $2 when you join their “Savings Circle.” Then it costs exactly what it costs when you order through Amazon (where you can get free shipping if you spend just $8.01 more — why not order one of the horse books you’ve been wanting?).

Call it what you want, it works

Although I’m not a big fan of microwaves and don’t have one in the kitchen, I do have one in the bathroom — especially for my Kaz SoftHeat (that’s what I call it, even though Kaz has a whole line of SoftHeat products).  I just press 1-6-0-Start and soon I know that my back is going to feel better.

I began searching for the perfect heating pad after my physical therapist said I could start applying heat instead of ice to my back.  I wanted something that felt as similar to the large pack that came wrapped in a towel, still steaming, to the prone me on the workout table at Spalding Rehabilitation Center outside Boston.  The SoftHeat is a little smaller and not as heavy, but I have to say that it feels just as good and works just as well.  I no longer go to PT, but I still use my Kaz SoftHeat from time to time (like this week, which made me think of recommending it to you).

Inside are “microbeads.”  I can’t tell you what the microbeads are but I can tell you what they’re not — grain or pellets (or anything else resembling horse feed).  That means no odor, dust, mold or mildew.  Now, one man’s microbeads aren’t another man’s microbeads and if you’re imagining a bunch of hot ball bearings in a sack, I can tell you it feels nothing like that.  It molds itself to whatever part of your body you put it on and it’s light.

The heat is moist, but through some miracle of modern technology, it feels dry to the surface.  I’ve never noticed any damp on my clothing or furniture. I can put it in the middle of my back and rest comfortably with my back against any chair, because it molds itself to whatever it’s against, and it’s light enough that you don’t have to prop it up.  I’ve never timed how long it stays hot (or warm, as your preference) but it’s rare that I’ve had to reheat it in the microwave while using it.  That’s how well it works.

Mine is now doing double-duty what with my Yankee-Irish horsewhispering boyfriend’s torn rotator cuff (looks like he won’t need surgery, what a relief), so I’m going to order a second one for the farm.

My only complaint?  The washable cover that it comes with it is not sold separately.  I tried to replace mine, which I regrettably lost while away from home, and I can’t.  But the rest of it comes with a two-year warranty.

Although I’ve never used it on the horses, I think it would work well (and stay clean if you don’t lose the cover the way I did).  It’s light enough that you could hold it against whatever part of your horse’s body needed heat or warmth — or even wrap it in place.

Maybe I should order two more.