Sometimes, it’s hard to stay aloft.  To keep flying and keep believing.

That’s what my horse Big Bird does for me.  He carries me on his own very large and powerful wings.  He reminds me every day, as every horse does, that the weather may change, but we have today to be grateful for. Another day is another chance to be our best, and to be happy.

And to give thanks.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I’m starting now, giving thanks to all the horses in my life, my wonderful students who give me such joy, and all the people who keep me aloft.

My sister, who always sees the higher ground and believes in me.

My dear old friends, who have the long view.

My ex-husband, who is always there with a safety net when I miscalculate my ability to land, somehow always managing to throw me up in the air again, even if I’m not sure I’ll land in one piece again.

And my Yankee-Irish horsewhispering boyfriend, who, like a citizen of Bhutan, knows that being happy is the most important thing if you want to be happy.