I promised to fill you in on the Buck Brannaman clinic when I could.  I’m laptopless (as I type this, I find that it appears surprisingly racy), but I’ve gotten access to a friend’s computer for a quick post.

Buck shared with us today something that Ray Hunt told him, years ago, “You need to do less sooner; you’re always doing too much, late.”

What a wonderful, down-to-earth way to sum up timing and tact.

There has been an incredible depth of wonderful, down-to-earth teaching this weekend, and I’m looking forward to sharing the highlights with you this coming week.

Buck working Terry & her horse (the cow)

Thanks to Buck, I’m also looking forward to working cows.  In preparation, based on this afternoon’s demonstration, I need to find a riding buddy and his or her horse who are willing to pretend to be a cow. I promise to trade off and be a cow, too, along with my Oldenburg.

Any volunteers?