I stopped off at a friend’s house on the way back home from New Jersey tonight, and caught the new CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which premiered last week (you can catch both episodes online).

Have you seen it?  If not, you might want to.

One of the 2 Broke Girls was a billionaire before she ended up penniless.  When the other Broke Girl finds out, she asks, “Do you have a horse?”  Yes is the answer.  And she’s keeping it.  When the 2 Broke Girls move in together, guess who comes along?

Admittedly, the horse is a supporting actor, but I still fell for him.  Even if he is a bay whose name is “Chestnut.”  The ultimate backyard horse, Chestnut walks right into the girls’ apartment, or just sticks his head in, every time one of them opens the back door.

Now, I know that it makes many of my fellow horse lovers crazy when they see a movie where the leading horse keeps changing color or markings, or when horse people in the movies say things horse people never would, but those things never bother me.  Just give me a horse to look at, anywhere at all, and I’ll be happy.

I needed the laugh that Chestnut gave me tonight, since last night I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat Cotton.  The ultimate barn-house cat, he was a vermin killer extraordinaire and the very best friend.  White with blue eyes, he was deaf (as ~80% of white, blue-eyed cats are), and we called him in at night by shining a flashlight.  He liked wearing hats and doing yoga.  I will miss him.

Cotton practicing yoga