I’ve done enough wrapping of horses’ legs that I can make a very attractive, would-please-Anne-Kursinski kind of wrap.  I’m helped by the fact that I use Back on Track no bows for my standing wraps.  Not only are they pretty, they’re effective.  Just like good eq.

The fact that they’re black is part of what makes them so elegant. But they’re also easy to handle, so the big concern about even tension throughout the length of the wrap becomes a smaller concern. Even novices can make nice looking wraps using the Back on Tracks no bows (you have the option of pillow wraps, too, if you prefer).

And if you have any aches and pains yourself, I have additional ways for you to spend your money:  on Back on Track stuff for yourself. If you also have a dog, go wild.

I bought my first Back on Track product years ago:  a gray knee brace, for my Yankee-Irish horsewhispering boyfriend.  He was amazed by the relief it gave him, and since then we’ve acquired a back wrap (bulky and unstable but it works), ankle braces, the therapeutic elbow brace, the neck wrap with velcro and the neck brace with dicky bib (yes, they make a dicky bib — it’s a turtleneck without the body or the sleeves).

Fortunately, our ailments have not kept pace with the expansion of their product line, which now includes boxer shorts for women, a mattress overlay (ooh baby), dog hock boots, exercise boots for horses (I wish they’d come out with them before I bought my Equilibrium Stretch & Flex) and lots more.

The rep from Sweden used to argue with me years ago when I said they needed to make a horse blanket.  He said you could put their back pad on your horse and just pin it to the blankets you already had.  Now they have six different Back on Track blankets. (They still sell the back pad, although it’s now promoted as something to warm up your horse’s back before exercise.) It’s only a matter of time before they come out with long johns.   I probably shouldn’t suggest it, since it will only delay things.  But I’ll be ready with my plastic.

Tip:  If you do buy the knee brace, I’d suggest the one with the strap.  All of the items that go around a joint do stretch out after a year or two, depending on how much use they get, and you can keep the knee brace going a little longer if you have the strap to keep it in place.