My weekends are always a strange combination of busy and relaxing.  I teach and sometimes travel (fall is the time when clinic junkies get to indulge their habit).  At home on the farm, there are the retired horses to tend to, and they never take the weekend off. But I also try to give myself time to “soak,” because that’s as important for people as it is for horses (more on soaking in a later blog post).

When I told my Yankee-Irish horsewhispering boyfriend, a few days ago, that I often didn’t feel like writing on the weekends, he suggested that I post a photo for my readers on Sundays.  That’s why he’s so good with the horses…

It’s been an unusual fall here in Connecticut, with the foliage bursting into color seemingly spontaneously.  It’s beautiful.  Just like the photo below. Enjoy.

Adirondack boat house, courtesy of the photographer