Isn’t it great when your horse is happy to see you?

Today, I went out to the field where my young warmblood is turned out with three other geldings.  He was at the far end, congregating with the others nibbling the last of the clover.

I stood near the gate, said “hello” and spoke his name.  He heard me before he saw me, turned around in a half volte and straightened (good boy!), then trotted towards me, his long legs covering the length of the field in an easy, athletic stride.

With soft eyes, focused not on him, I saw him clearly nonetheless.  I simply stood and he came to a walk two steps in front of me, then lowered his head for me to stroke his nose.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in his paddock.  My recovery from a spinal fracture this summer has kept me away.  I’ve been cautious not to put myself in a place where I could get bumped accidentally or have to move quickly or move my body in ways that used to be commonplace but, until recently, would have put me out of commission.

How wonderful it was for me to feel secure again.  And even more wonderful that my horse, who may have wondered why I no longer entered his stall or stroked his neck or shared breath with him, would welcome me once again into his world.