What a nice way to start the new year — getting selected as blog of the day at Haynet, where “Social Blogging for the Equine & Country Life World” reigns supreme.

Haynet is the UK’s #1 equine blogging network.  This blog joined the roster less than three weeks ago, and what fun it has been.  It’s the perfect place to meet new people, discover new blogs and share ideas.

Sam Hobden founded Haynet after blogging about life with her handsome Belgian Warmblood and, in the process, catching what she calls the “blog bug.”  She envisioned Haynet as a welcoming place for established blogs such as this one, as well as a place where new bloggers could “set up shop” and feel at home.

It’s been wonderful to get a perspective from “across the pond,” and I’m glad that Sam feels the same, as she set up a category on Haynet especially for those of us who spell “behavior” without a “u.”  You’ll find this blog there, along with many others, under the heading “All Things American Equestrian Blogs.”

Thanks to Haynet, we have a virtual meeting place that gets better every month (and it’s only been in operation since last September).  I’m delighted to be honored today as “blog of the day” (and last week, to have my War Horse post featured as a “pick of the week”).  Thanks, Sam, and everyone who makes Haynet a wonderful place. 

If you haven’t visited yet, this link will take you there.