Photo by Erika Bock

This is a photo of the broodmare pasture along the Skeena River in British Columbia, at Trakehner Hof, the farm of Klaus and Erika Bock.  Erika sent me this photo as a Christmas Card, and gave me permission to share it with everyone as part of my Sunday Photos series.

The Bocks have been breeding and selling sport horses for 20 years and their offspring can be found from California to New York.  As Erika says, their goal is to breed “an athletic and versatile horse with a good disposition and a good mind — a healthy horse with a healthy mind.”

If Trakehner Hof were closer to me, there’s a good chance I’d have one of their horses by now, and I hope some day I do.  I love Trakehners, which is the only true breed (rather than registry) of warmbloods.  There’s no better trot, in my mind, than the trot of a well-bred Trakehner.

You can learn more about the Bock’s farm here.  And you can see some of their horses, for sale and sold, in the same place.  They also have a B & B for you to enjoy while horse shopping…or on vacation!

I think Hyder, a 16h five-year-old gelding, is gorgeous.  I love his elegant neck, the articulation of his hocks and the freedom of his shoulder.

Faithful readers of my blog know that I also have a soft spot in my heart for greys.  Here’s Tinkabell, a lovely eight-year-old mare.  Her gaits are expressive, but look easy to sit.  It’s clear she has a giving nature.  I just love her sweet expression.

Tomorrow, the remarkable story of the “Trek” of the Trakehner.